Thursday, August 13, 2009

Updated - 20 Things Brittany Wants To Do This Summer

I've updated Brittany's summer to do list and reminded her that summer doesn't officially end until Sept 21st. Time does seem to get away from you, lol.

[x] Have lunch out with Mom. Done! We went to Applebees in Cambridge.
[x] Go to Starbucks for a frappucino.Done!
[x] Go camping with Dad.
[ ] Go to Grand Bend.
[ ] Go shopping in Buffalo.
[ ] Go to Toronto.
[x] Go to the movies.Done! Went to see the new Harry Potter movie.
[ ] Go fishing.
[ ] Make homemade pizza.
[x] Go to Chapters. Done! Brittany bought herself 4 great books to read.
[ ] Make applesauce.
[ ] Go to Wonderland.
[ ] Play board games.
[ ] Go to a baseball game.
[x] Make rhubarb/strawberry dessert . Done, we made a crisp!
[ ] Visit Gramma.
[ ] Go to the zoo.
[x] Pick strawberries. Done, on Canada day!
[x] Go shopping.Done! We went shopping in Cambridge and bought some shorts and tops on sale!
[ ] Go to a play in Stratford.

Hmmm, we still have a fair bit to do but I think we have a couple more things planned that may happen fairly soon!


Rosemary said...

Better get busy! maybe Monday you can tick a few more off your list.

sarah said...

If/when you do make applesauce, it would be awesome if you'd post a how-to on your blog!!

Rosanne said...

That's a good idea Sarah, I will do that! Apples will be in season soon!