Friday, November 24, 2006

The Freak Lunchbox

In Halifax, where Steve was this week, there is a great candy store called The Freak Lunchbox!Look at all the candy he brought back! The girls are thrilled!

Instead of Cleaning etc.

Well, I'm supposed to be cleaning this morning but instead I am browsing the web checking out various scrapbook sites for ideas. And I found the paper salon blog, with this really great gift idea! There are a lot more great ideas too!
I've added a link under Blogs I Read. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cute Site

In the spirit of Happy Feet, do check this site out, its cute!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas Crafts, Its a Tradition!

Its definitely a tradition. Every year my daughters and I make Christmas gifts for them to give to their Grandma's and Aunts. This year we drew on two sources to create their crafts, scrapbooking and Martha's Stewart's Holiday crafts magazine. And this year my daughter,Brianne, even hand made her friend Claire's birthday gift! I was pretty impressed! So this past Saturday night, after a hard day of cleaning kitchen cupboards, we glued, curled, rubbed, tied, melted, folded, stapled, glued and ironed to create the all various gifts!! Their Grandma's and Aunts are getting interesting gifts this year!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Guilty Pleasures!!

Yes, I'm a James Bond fan! Its one of my guilty pleasures! And today when I was checking out Perez Hilton(another guilty pleasure, see more below), he had a link to this Marks and Spencer commercial. Its a James Bond spoof with a cameo by Twiggy and Dame Shirley Bassey singing Pink's Get the Party Started! I wish they still had Marks and Spencer stores here!

Ok, my next guilty pleasure.......yes I'm hooked. Rarely does a day go by when I don't check out all the latest celebrity gossip on Yes, he's gay, his comments are irreverant and the ads in the sidebar are 'interesting' but its light, entertaining reading.

And here's another guilty pleasure, This is an online games site with free games as well as games available only to Pogo club members. I've learned to play several card games on this site, like Canasta a gme popular in the 50's. But beware,if you do visit this site, it is addictive!

And yes, I've added the links to these sites to the list of sites I like!

And The Winner Is.......


Yes, I was surprised, I thought for sure Mario would win Dancing With the Stars. He was probably the better dancer but Emmitt got the votes! Way to go Emmitt!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not a lot new

Well, there isn't a lot new with me. Work, house/home work and activities plus a bit of scrapbooking. I did scrapbook all day Saturday but I can't say alot about it because the things I worked on are for Christmas. It was once again a very successful crop put on by Karen of Go Scrapping. I do plan on taking advantage of this weekend's Waterloo Scrapbook tour being hosted by several local stores in conjunction with Go Scrapping. It should be fun! Also, I'm going shopping in Buffalo on Friday with 3 friends and hope to get some more Christmas shopping done........its only 41 days till Christmas!! Till next time!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Dancing with the Stars

Well, next week its decision time! Who will win the trophy? Will it be "Super Mario" or "Smooth Emmitt"? I think I'm rooting for Emmitt. Let me know who you think will win!

In Remembrance

As Remembrance Day is tomorrow, here's a link to a very powerful video in remembrance of our war veterans, .

Its called A Pittance Of Time, written by Terry Kelly. Here's the lyrics:

They fought and some died for their homeland.
They fought and some died, now it's our land.
Look at his little child; there's no fear in her eyes.
Could he not show respect for other dads who have died?

Take two minutes, would you mind?
It's a pittance of time,

For the boys and the girls who went over.
In peace may they rest, may we never forget why they died.
It's a pittance of time.

God forgive me for wanting to strike him.
Give me strength so as not to be like him.
My heart pounds in my breast, fingers pressed to my lips,
My throat wants to bawl out, my tongue barely resists.

But two minutes I will bide.It's a pittance of time,
For the boys and the girls who went over.
In peace may they rest.
May we never forget why they died.
It's a pittance of time.

Read the letters and poems of the heroes at home.
They have casualties, battles, and fears of their own.

There's a price to be paid if you go, if you stay.
Freedom's fought for and won in numerous ways.

Take two minutes, would you mind?
It's a pittance of time,

For the boys and the girls all over.
May we never forget, our young become vets.
At the end of the line,
It's a pittance of time.

It takes courage to fight in your own war.
It takes courage to fight someone else's war.
Our peacekeepers tell of their own living hell.
They bring hope to foreign lands that hate mongers can't kill.

Take two minutes, would you mind?
It's a pittance of time,

For the boys and the girls who go over.
In peacetime our best still don battle dress
And lay their lives on the line.
It's a pittance of time

In peace may they rest,
Lest we forget why they died.
Take a pittance of time.

Monday, November 06, 2006


I found some great leads to sketch sites today on the Go Scrapping message board and checked them out. They are great reference sites and I added my favourites under Sites I Like on the left.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ah November! Let the shopping begin!

Yep, its November! And so this morning we awoke to a skiff of snow onthe road. Enough to make them icy until the snow melted. But people in my area seemed to slow down so even if you slid a bit, it was OK.
And now that its November its time to start gearing up for Christmas. I have a bit of head start as I have made a couple of gifts already and did some shopping in the US a couple of weeks ago but there is still more to do! Let the shopping begin!