Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Easiest Dessert Ever!

This truly is an easy dessert to make and yet so elegant. In fact I'm almost reluctant to share it, if I serve it to you sometime, you'll know how little time I really spent on it.......but what the heck, you're all worth sharing it with!!

Presenting...... Chocolat Pots De Creme!

I scooped this recipe from Pioneer Woman here.

The secret to this recipe is to let the eggs come to room temperature and be sure the coffee you use is hot. As a result the texture of my pots was extremely smooth. PW shows what happens if you don't follow these steps as intended.

And see the little dessert dishes I used? This recipe fills about 8 of them. Top with whip cream and fresh berries and voila! An easy, yet elegant dessert that your guests will be sure you slaved over!

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