Monday, August 17, 2009

La Cucina

This past Friday night Kathryn, Dave, Steve and I went to one of our favourite restaurants, La Cucina, for dinner.

This is Kathryn. She won't like that I put this photo of her on my blog but I like living dangerously!

This is Dave. Doesn't he look sweet? But remember looks can be deceiving!

Here's Steve.......I'm not quite sure why he holding up that bit of food but it could have been after he almost dumped his whole plate of calamari on the table while holding it up for me to take a photo.

There is no photo of me, I didn't like any of them!

Anyway, here's some photos of what we ate. Please note, the photos are not in order of how we ate them!

Steve and Dave had the sea bass but were disappointed that the head had been removed!

I had veal tenderloin, soooo yummy!

Kathryn had Ravioli Culigiones, ricotta, spinach and saffron stuffed ravioli in a tomato sauce.

This is Lasagna al Gattopardo, otherwise known as ragu of pork lasagna with shaved egg and carmelized onion. I know it sounds like an odd combo but it was totally awesome!

Kathryn had this special soup, I think it was potato and carmelized onion.

Calimari. This is Dave's plate because Steve almost dumped his and ruined the presentation.

A yummy insalata, local mixed greens with shaved fennel and dandelion in an orange infused dressing(description is taken straight from the menu).

A complimentary appetizer, I forget what they called it but the bottom rectangular layer is sausage and it was really good.

The dessert photos didn't turn out but three of us had lemon panna cotta and Steve had something that was very similar to chocolate mousse.

It was a wonderful dinner with wonderful company!


Rosemary said...

My mouth is watering..All look good except the calamari.......chew chew chew.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful ... great pictures ~ I LOVE your twisted sense of humour! Funny how things happen ~ that pictures of ourselves never quite "turn out" or we don't like them.
I hope you're having a fabulous birthday! Great picture of you on your mom's blog! j

sarah said...

lasagna is my religion