Thursday, January 25, 2007

Minus 20?

Well, on this very cold morning I thought I'd share some of my favourite warm drinks! On a day like today nothing can beat hot chocolate topped with whip cream, mulled apple cider, a Starbucks non-fat,decaf,extra hot latte or, of course, a large Tim's coffee with milk!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


There's nothing like soup on a cold winter day in January! This weekend I made three family favourites,Potato Cheese Chowder( an old favourite from my 4-H days), Hamburger Soup and French Onion Soup( my Mom's recipe). I think was inspired by Kerry. For our Kinette meeting on Thursday she made Chicken Noodle Soup, Potato Bacon Soup and Broccoli Cheddar Soup. They all were yummy!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Brianne wants to scrapbook some of her baby pictures. So last night while I was working in my scrap room, she sat in there with me and looked at pictures from the 90's!
These are pictures of Brianne(1992) and Brittany(1996) both when they were 1 years old. And the last is of both of them in 1997 wearing matching sweaters that Gramma knit them.
Where does the time go? I haven't scrapbooked any of their baby pictures yet but think I'll start now! It was such fun to look at them and remember!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Trying to run errands

Sometimes things just don't go my way. I was late leaving work tonight but wanted to stop and mail a package then drop a couple of things off at the dry cleaner. Well, I arrived at the post office behind a couple with two grocery carts full of large packages to mail(must be sellers on ebay!)! I think it was going to take an hour for them all to be weighed with the postage determined! And since there was only one person working, I decided to leave there and go to the dry cleaner. At the dry cleaner I wanted to use the $5 off coupon but the person there was new, didn't know how to use the till to properly apply the discount and the people she telephoned for help weren't answering. So after about 15 minutes of trying, she just took the discount manually off my receipt. Then I came home to find out that Brianne will need to see a plastic surgeon to make sure there is no tendon damage in the finger she fractured last week while playing goal in her soccer league. But on the bright side, Steve had dinner ready! Hopefully I'll get the package mailed tomorrow!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

24 Season 6 is here!

24 is back!! And I loved it! It seems from some of the blogs I've read that a vast majority of us have been waiting for this moment! And here's a link to blog specifically on 24, its pretty amusing.

My New Favourite Restaurant!

Usually two or three times a year we try a new restaurant with our friends Charmian and Hong. Last night we went to a restaurant in Cambridge called Lily Ruth(its named after the owner's Grandmother). The food was amazing, good size portions, beautifully presented and everything tasted yummy! So for dinner I had the house salad which had a light vinagrette, pinenuts and bit of goat cheese. I also had a lemon infused cheese and tomato spread for crisp toasts. It was presented in a hollowed out lemon with balsamic vinagrette. My main course was a stuffed pork tenderloin with a variety of veggies(snap peas, lighly breaded okra, baby carrots) and garlic mashed potatoes. I had to share with Steve because there was way more than I could eat. Steve had carrot ginger soup, thai shrimp and talapi with rice. Then for dessert,we shared our favourite, creme brulee! I also tried this great cocktail, peach and apricot juice with champagne, it was really good. And Steve had a couple of glasses of red wine. They bring in a select few, so he had a glass of merlot, which I tasted and thought was good(no after taste), and cabernet. I will definitely go back! They have wine and tapas pairing nights which sound very interesting. Maybe we'll try one of those.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Some of My Favourite Layouts

Well, I really decided to put our scanner to work and uploaded several of my favourite layouts. I've moved my favourite photos along with my layouts to a second blog, the link is on the left. Let me know what you think of the layouts!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

At The Crop!!

I posted on this a little while back but thought I should mention it again in case any of any scrapbooking friends are interested. Spots are filling up!

On April 14, 2007, the Waterloo Grand River Kinettes are hosting their second annual scrapbooking crop at Albert McCormick Arena in Waterloo. It promises to be a great day of scrapping and socializing with an on-site store and other vendors and wonderful door prizes. Click on the link on the left side of this page for more details.

Visit to the Spa........I mean Dentist!

The girls and I visited the spa yesterday....wait a minute, no it was the dentist!

Our dentist has designed his practice into a spa like setting so its no wonder I'm confused! When you walk into the reception area you are greeted by the smell of scented candles. The receptionist takes your coat and offers you complimentary gourmet coffee or flavoured water while you wait in the designer leather(think Neinkamper) chairs. Beside you, enclosed in an aquarium, is a large reef with a little nemo swimming soothingly around.

Then you're taken into state of art examination rooms with state of the art chairs all with satellite tv and the channel of your choice. And before you get started you are offered a complimentary hand wax. So I took off my rings which were put into jewelery cleaner, used my choice of hand lotion(I choose lavender), then dipped each hand into the wonderfully warm parafin wax. Each hand is then put into a plastic bag then terry mitts and left like that while your teeth are cleaned. ( Wait a minute maybe they do that so you don't grab the technician when she gets too close the gum line ........ah no, I'm spoiling the image now).

And the best part of yesterday's appointment is that none of us had cavities.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Favourite Layout

Here's one of my favourite layouts!

To be able to post it l learned how, after scanning it in two pieces, to stitch it back together!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Well, I've been thinking about what resolutions to make and so far have come up with two(other than the usual become more fit, lose weight, eat more healthfully!).
The first is to file my scrapbook pages in the albums they belong as I complete them. I currently have a large stack of pages waiting to go in their albums. The second is to organize the girls baby pictures and books. Its been awhile since I've done that! There is also some other organizing I want to do too but we'll leave that out of the resolution list for now!