Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend 2010

We are well into fall and celebrating thanksgiving here in Canada but some of our flowers still make me think of summer.

Here's our french rose still blooming.

The nasturiams look pretty happy!

As do the fushia and begonia.

The impatiens are still blooming although the leaves are starting to go.

Oh, it is fall! Look at the colour on this maple tree.

And of course if Uncle Hans cookies are available it must be Oktoberfest too!

Hope your weekend is 'wunderbar'!


Dajon said...

Happy Thanksgiving.
Hope you are well.
I love this time of year and its great to still see colour in the garden. Our window boxes are still in full bloom.

Rosemary said...

Wonderful photos. Any more cookies left?

Joanne said...

Yes, my flowers are still looking quite good and I hate the thought of having to start pulling out my annuals in my fall yard clean up. I like to enjoy them as long as I can :)