Thursday, September 02, 2010

August Garden

Well it is September but here's a few images from garden taken just a few days ago when it was still August!

Love this hydrangea, its loaded with blooms so I did cut a few to dry inside.

I'm not overly happy with how my planters are looking, but am enjoying the coleus, like the yellow green colour of this one:
And the bright colour variation of this:
And the deep wine cololur of this one:
Black-eyed Susan's are always lovely.

What's blooming in your almost autumn garden?


Rosemary said...

Your garden looks a lot happier than mine. Your hydrangea so healthy and pretty. Love all your coleus. Even with regular watering and fertilizing my planters are sad.. too hot this summer I think. Perhaps tropical plantings next summer.

Dajon said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures of your garden. Some of our Summer pots are now past their best, but we still have lots of colour on the garden.

Deanna said...

This is not what my garden looks like right! Stunning!