Friday, January 20, 2012

On January 20th

I'm currently:

Listening to Hoda and Kathie-Lee
Eating nothing
Drinking coffee
Wearing my fuzzy fleece housecoat
Feeling better than I was earlier this week
Weather is cold and snowy
Wanting to have my nails done like this:

Needing to clean the house
Thinking about stencilling my powder room something like this:

Enjoying browsing Pinterest


JanR said...

I've only got my nails done once in my life (for my wedding 17 years ago) but I'm thinking it's high time I went again 'cause I want my nails painted like that too!

Judy Beeksma said...

Love that stencil...Love Pinterest too!!!

Brenda in Kit said...

Love getting my nails shellac-ed...who knows how to spell that anyways? Costs more but lasts forever!!
But that's very pretty!!

Jeannie said...

Getting caught-up on my blog reading ... feel better soon Rosanne!