Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Well it seems that the start of the New Year is one of the few times I actually take time to plan and so I have decided to make a few resolutions that look quite similar to last year's!

First is organization,again! I'll organize my scrapbook room(again), file my completed pages(again,) sort my papers/magazine clippings(again), organize my online photo files, the girls keepsakes, organize the storage/furnace room, closets and my clothing. And it would be really great to keep these things organized.

Second is to recommit(again)to healthful eating and exercising. Currently, on average, I get to Curves twice a week. I'd really like to get there 3 times a week and throw in a couple of times per week on our treadmill too.

Third, I have a terrific sewing machine that hasn't seen a lot of use, so I think I'll set myself a goal of completing 6 sewing projects this year.

Last year I did use my cricut more but I think there is still room to increase its usage so I'll set a goal of completing 12 items that use the cricut in 2012.

I also want to complete my unfinished projects and use up the craft supplies I already have, so I'll set a goal of completing a project/craft per month.

I'd also like to participate in more online challenges, so in addition to my Little Red Wagon challenge, I'll participate in one additional challenge per week.

I think I will be able to incorporate these goals in with my plan to document more.

These a pretty ambitious goals, so finally, I resolve to update my status on these resolutions at least once a month.

Did you make any resolutions that you'd like to share?


Avril Tanner said...

My main goal for 2012 is to Focus on Family First! I have let a number of things come in the way of this and I have decided that it was time to reprioritize my life a little and to put this as the most important thing for me to focus on going forward in the new year!

Brenda in Kit said...

I am going to try making my scrapbooking simpler...I think I will try single-page layouts for a while, beginning with an album from our current trip. The left side will be my journal for the day, the right, a picture or three relating to that day's journal.
we'll see!

Deanna said...

You go girl!

Jeannie said...

Wow - that's quite the list. Good for you. My main goal this year is to totally organize one room each month - first on the list - my craft room.