Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whew!!!!! A Busy Weekend!

No I didn't become a firefighter but I did get a bit of a taste of what it is like with a visit today to a local fire station. At a cancer support centre fundraising event last fall, one of the prizes up for auction was a meal and tour at a fire station. So today 6 of us went to Station 2 and suited up! Yes, boots, pants, jacket and hat(photos in the slide show below)! We did try the oxygen tank separately and we won't mention how heavy a bag of hoses is or many of the other tools a firefighter has to carry. We did climb across the aerial ladder in full gear after which the basket was extended for about the equivalent of 10 stories! We also got a taste of how heavy a hose is when its only at half pressure. Then we rode around a large block in a pumper truck and finished with a tour of the station. Pat, one of the firefighters, prepared some awesome food for us, including, prosciutto and goat cheese wrapped asparagus, coconut shrimp, mandarin almond salad in endive boats with grilled pineapple, vanilla bean ice cream and rum sauce for dessert. It was a terrific afternoon! And the Fire Dept photographer was there, so although I did get a few pics, they will send us some more and I'll be sure to share them!

Then yesterday we participated in the 5 km ALS fundraising walk(thanks to all of you who sponsored us!), then made a quick trip to Ikea for shelves and a desk for Brittany's room and finally went to a surprise 30th anniversary party for Jeannie and Rob(they were surprised!).

Friday night we battled the traffic (both ways) and attended a Blue Jays game. This was my first time watching a game from a box and boy was that comfortable with a great view! Unfortunately the Jays lost though.

Here's a few pics I took this weekend:

And now its Sunday evening, I'm doing laundry and making sure Brittany is ready for her school trip to Quebec City that leaves at 6 am tomorrow morning!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome weekend...I'm worn out just reading about'll be ready to start a new album and that's without the pictures from this weekend coming up!! Thanks for the great photos.

Rosemary said...

Phew just made me tired looking at the pictures! What a great time you had from the walk to the fire dept. All looks like fun.

Janet said...

Hope you got to visit the Weber Street Fire Dept. That's where the best looking Fire fighters are. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Regan said...

ahhh good for you look so darn cheerful in that suit!!

Deanna said...

Tee hee, this is too cute! You should scrapbook this!

Anonymous said...

Great photo of you Rosanne!
Thanks again for joining in
our celebration! j

Joanne said...

OK - you look really cute in the firefighter's suit! Thanks for sharing!