Monday, June 01, 2009

Backyard Renovation - Before

Late last fall and continuing into this sping, we have undertaken a backyard renovation.

I'll show the before, during and current over the next week or so in a few posts.

The slide show below shows the 'before' state.

When we moved into the house it had a one level(upper deck) and we added a second (lower) level wood deck. As the house is now about 25 years old the upper level deck and pergola were really starting to show deterioration and required a lot of maintenance. So we bit the bullet and had all the decking and pergola ripped out. We also removed a couple of trees to reduce crowding and make room for a hot tub(Steve's wanted one for years) and new garden beds.

Another goal of our the redesign is to reduce yard and deck maintenance, we'll see if that works!

During photos to be posted soon!


Rosemary said...

Looking forward to seeing the reveal slide show! I know it is terrific.

Janet said...

I can't wait to see more pics. I love the end results of home projects, the in-between is the part I don't really enjoy!

Sherry said...

The results are beautiful Anne - what a transformation!