Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lilac Festival at the Royal Botanical Gardens

A few weeks ago Steve and I did something I've wanted to do for years, go to the Lilac Festival at the Royal Botanical Gardens. So on a sunny Saturday afternoon we went. And I was not disappointed. Fragrant lilac trees covered the hillside in the Arboretum. Singles, doubles and Asian trees were all out in bloom and the fragrance lingered in the air. Some of my favourite shots are in the slide show below.

Then since were there we also went to the Laking Garden where the perennials, iris and peonies are. With our coolish spring most of the iris and peonies were not yet in bloom but we did get some shots shown below.

Hopefully we'll make it back there sometime this summer to tour the rose and rock gardens!


Rosemary said...

Don't you wish we had smellavision?

Hendria said...

I have not been to see the Lilacs...Dan does not like them....but I have been to the Laking Garden and enjoyed it... Great photos... :)