Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Busy Busy

I mentioned in my prior post that it was a busy weekend this past weekend. Here's a brief synopsis:

Friday, shopped in Buffalo all day and into the evening with friends Kathryn, Charlene and Agnes. Found some great deals!

Saturday, picked up my new car. My previous car was 11 years old and will now be used by my daughter who is starting university in the fall.

Saturday evening, attended the Starlight Children's Foundation Insurance Gala at the Carlu in Toronto. It was a wonderful evening in support of a great cause. Here's pic of Steve and I at the Gala.

Then Sunday afternoon I attended a bridal shower for my friend Kathryn's daughter-in-law to be, Nicole. It was a fun shower with one of the games involving creating a wedding gown out of two rolls of toilet paper. I was volunteered to be the bride and our very creative team fashioned a truly haute coiture creation!

The creative process in action! I'm being dressed by Brenda, Kathryn and Diane.

And the bride!

Nicole, the real bride, had to choose the winner of the toilet paper gown contest and I'm happy to report that my team won! Here's a pic of Nicole and I.

What a fun weekend!


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Rosemary said...

You really did have a very busy weekend and still manage to blog .Nice new car! Love the bridal gown, what fun that shower must have been.