Sunday, May 24, 2009

BBQ Food

For our birthday celebration, we had the first of the summer's many bbq's with hamburgers and sausages.

But I did set the table in the dining room so that we could all sit and eat together rather than on our laps.

The girls helped to set the table and we used some flower table confetti I recently found at Pier 1. Combined with dollar store napkins and market lilies the table looks pretty festive. Somehow after dinner, a lot of this confetti ended up on the floor!

And we made dark chocolate and cashew bark with a few Lindor chocolates for table favours.

For an appetizer I made hummus using the recipe from Pioneer Woman. I made it in a blender so its not quite as smooth as store bought but it tastes so much fresher. Next time I'll try it in a food processer.

My sister made an olive tapenade that I didn't get a pic of. It was yummy on a baguette over cream cheese.

She also made this terrific salad with recipe from Martha. I'll be making this one again.

My Mom made her awesome potato salad and devilled eggs!

Brittany told me she's eating the rest of the eggs today and I don't get to have any!They are her favourite!

I made our new favourite broccoli salad that I blogged about here.

Then at Brittany's request, I made a Maple Cake. I found the recipe at Country Living
It looks great, the maple sugar icing is yummy but the cake was dry (boo).

If you have any ideas,I'd love to hear some tips on how to make it less dry for next time.


Rosemary said...

Hi Rosanne
Everything was so good , loved the hummus and the olive tapenade.
Checked the cake recipe noticed it used all purpose flour next time I would try cake flour perhaps only 2 cups, and instead of water I would use mayonnaise,this hint was on Cityline from Jason one of the chefs they have on frequently. This is supposed to make it moister.

itsabrt said...

I am so hungry now, your images are mouth watering! BR-T

Hendria said...

Terrific recipes...I want to try them all... :)

Joanne said...

Everything looks lovely and delicious! I am glad you had an enjoyable celebration.

Sherry said...

The food was all so delicious!
Yes, will send the recipes for the salad & tapenade!
Thanks again Anne!

Sharon said...

Everything looks so delicious and pretty!