Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tidbit Thursdays(1)

I think I'll start a regular weekly blog post called Tidbit Thursdays. It will be a post of things on my mind, rhetorical questions, general observations or maybe highlight a blog I like. It will just be various tidbits of stuff! So here it goes:

1/ Why was Simon so grumpy on American Idol last night? And considering Paula has done this show for years why can't she put words together more succinctly?

2/ Why are people so rude when they get in their car? Whether its leaving a parking lot after an event or dropping the kids off at school, people seem to just focus on themselves and their own agenda rather than being courteous and letting everyone take a turn. Is it the anonymity of being in a car?

3/ Why is there another snowstorm heading our way from Texas? Enough snow already!!!

4/ And speaking of Texas, someone visited my blog last night from Flower Mound, Texas. Isn't that the cutest name for a town? I did look it up to see where in Texas it is located and its a town of 50,000 not far from Dallas. Click here if you want to learn more. And if the person from Flower Mound visits again, please do say hello!

5/ My girls start March break tomorrow. Brianne will be busy all week going to Driver's Ed. but what shall my almost 13 year old Britt do? I've got a couple of crafts lined up for her and she'll play on the computer, watch tv and read, but what else can she do while Steve and I are busy working? Hmmmm, I would like to hear your ideas, although I could put her to work cleaning, that would thrill her I'm sure, not!

6/ For my scrapbook friends do check out the Work In Progress blog, it always has great scrapbooking ideas and kits.

7/ I've always been a crafter but recently have focussed mostly on my scrapbooking and I think I would like to branch out into more varied crafts again. I plan to start knitting more perhaps even knitting up some projects to be felted. Are there any sites you would recommend I check for patterns? Would love your tips!


R said...

Cute Idea!
like the name from Texas too.
I agree about Simon and Paula, change it up folks and lets face it if I was making the money Simon is I would be sooooooooooooooo happy.
I was glad to see that kid Noreiga , such a poser, gone.

Anonymous said...

oh, I haven't watched Idol yet - still on the PVR. Simon and Paula crack me up!