Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm always inspired by the blogs I read and have been amazed at some of the thrift store finds.
So I thought I'd check out one of our local thrift stores and see what I could find. And I scored these cute glasses that I think are very spring-like. At 99 cents each they were a steal!

They look perfect sitting on one of my vintage handkerchiefs.

Then I went to Homesense,a discount houswares store, and bought these two pitchers, a deal at $15 for both. I think they go perfectly with the clock Kathryn gave me for Christmas.

A close up of the rose detail.

I will be visiting the thrift stores again soon!


R said...

Nice photos and nice purchases.
Like your vignette.

Cath said...

like the clock and your name Martha Stewart?

Hendria said...

Great buys.... :)