Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Elton John is The Rocket Man!

Last night I accomplished something I have always wanted to do and that is see Elton John live in concert. I went with my Mom and friends, Agnes and Charlene(and her friend Marj). I'm not sure what I was expecting, but the concert exceeded anything I could have imagined. Elton John started at a few minutes after 8 pm and performed for over 2.5 hours with s slight break between songs to take a sip of water and acknowledge the applause of the audience.

He played in front of a backdrop of lights and other than that it was him and his piano. The Aud was packed to capacity with 7000 people who sat in thrall through most of the songs and gave standing ovations after the majority. I was impressed with the number of songs he sang, 23, and the tone/quality of his voice, he sounds really good live. And can he play the piano! It was incredibly impressive.

Some of my favourite songs included, Daniel, Blue Eyes, I'm Still Standing, Rocket Man, Benny and The Jets and Sacrifice. He was appreciative of the applause and his fans, signing autographs for some of the front rows before he played his encore.

He also noted that more entertainers should come to towns of our size beacuse we deserve good entertainment too! I heartily agree! And if the opportunity arose to see him again I would with no hesitation whatsoever.

Click on these names,Mom, Holly, Karen, for concert reviews by some of my fellow bloggers. They were blown away by his performance too!


Karen said...

Great concert, eh! Love your pics. I can't wait to get mine from my neighbour soon :)

Holly said...

awesome concert!!!! :)

Sherry said...

He is as awesome live, as he is, recorded isn't he? Sounded great!

dasimonds said...

You are VERY Lucky...
I would LOVE to see him in concert!!!!!