Friday, March 14, 2008

Is It Just Me?

Or has Easter crept on us quickly this year? It's just over a week away and I really haven't thought about it,let alone buy the chocolate, make cards and any other Easter goodies.

But I was at the craft and dollar stores today and found some creative Easter inspiration. I will post the results of this inspiration over the next few days. What I am thinking of making are easy and quick last minute gifts or decorations. How's that for a teaser? I don't mean to be so vague but my ideas aren't fully thought out yet and of course not made!

Sitting on an easter egg embroidered tea towel that my Mom gave me, is this cute tin(found at the dollar store today)that I simply filled with crimped paper grass and foil wrapped chocolate eggs. Its an easy and inexpensive Easter decoration or a gift.

On completely different note, I found another pitcher for $3 today at Homesense. With its interesting pattern,I think it matches the other two pretty well and who could resist the price!

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R said...

Love your Easter tin and that pitcher works so well with the others nice !