Saturday, March 01, 2008

Great Tip Award

I've received my first ever blog award! It is from Tip Junkie and is related to my previous posts on altered notedbooks, here, here and here.

As part of receiving this award I am to pick three blogs that inspire me. This is difficult, all of the blogs listed to the left inspire me in different ways. But here it goes:

Daring Cardmakers - this is a recently discovered blog that has been inspiring me to create cards using new designs and materials. Everyone who participates in these dares are so creative and original in their designs. I love the twice weekly dares!

One Crafty Momma - I love this site. Melissa shares wonderful stories of her children and the crafts she makes with them as well as her own craft projects and scrapbooking. This site almost makes me wish my girls were younger again! Although now that they are older we do things like bake, shop and see movies together. If only I could get them to scrapbook with me........although they did handmake Valentines cards, I think there is hope for them!

Mabel's House and Creative Little Daisy - I couldn't decide between these two blogs. I find both refreshing and love their posts of their creative endeavors and day to day life.

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R said...

Wow how exciting !