Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sewing Covers!

Friday night a few of us gathered at The Art House to sew!

Here's Karen, The Sewing Rambo(aka Bonnie), Stephen and Regan.

Karen worked on aprons and headbands, Stephen worked on dog collars, Regan sewed a purse, headband and showed how her ruffler worked! Dee sewed cup cozies, a camera case and pillow cover.

Here's Dee in action using her Hello Kitty sewing machine, so fun!

Dee showing off her cup cozies!

Some of Dee's fabric!

I sewed covers for my sewing machine and cricut, here they are:

And I even lined them too!

It was a fun night,thanks for letting us invade your studio Karen!


Deanna said...

These are awesome photos Rosanne! I am stealing them for my blog!

Next time I need to take a pic of you missy!

Your covers look amazing!

Jannett said...

I see you bought the cricut. Do you like it? Wonderful material for the covers.

Wendy said...

Looks like you guys had a great night, and very productive!

Anonymous said...

They look fabulous! Can I borrow the pattern and you can help me with a Cricut one??

Way to go!


Avril Tanner said...

This is the post I was waiting for!! Love how the covers turned out!

Karen Ellis said...

I didn't realize I was hiding so much behind Rambo! LOL

GREAT pictures with that new camera Rosanne!!! So glad you you all came and can't wait for the next time.

I'm getting my projects in line! LOVE LOVE LOVE those covers you made!!

Joanne said...

Looks like a fun time! Great job on your covers!
Joanne xo

Anonymous said...

Very those covers!!
Brenda in Kit

Rosemary said...

Looks like your gang had a fun time. Love the covers and most impressed that they are lined... Wow.

Regan said...

had a blast-love your covers!!

LindaH said...

I wish I could hang out with you gals because you always look like you are having so much fun!!!