Saturday, October 10, 2009

Highlights from Hawaii - Kona and Kauai

At our second stop on the Big Island we went on a Catamaran sail where we were entertained by dolphins and enjoyed the views.

One of the many beaches.

Dave snorkelling.

Shore edge with water crashing up through a blow hole.

The dolphins.

A view of our ship(with another behind) in the distance.

Our third stop was on the beautiful island of Kauai where enjoyed some more beautiful views some of which in a rather unique way.

Our port of call in Kauai.

We tubed down irrigation ditches and tunnels dug by chineses immigrants in the late 1800's. Originally these were used to irrigate sugar cane fields but with the decline of this industry in Hawaii, Steve Case(founder of AOL) bought the former plantation which has allowed the creation of this unusual tour. The ditch was about 2 miles long through dense, rainforest like vegetation.

A tree fern over the irrigation canal.

Dave and Kathryn near the end of the tube ride.

Beach views in Kauai.

Whoops, Dave got a little wet.

Kathryn on the beach.

Stay tuned for more highlights!

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