Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Snowy First Day to 2008

Well on this snowy morning(perfect for snowman making or maybe tubing), I've been thinking about resolutions. Do I or don't I make any?

I'm reluctant because like many of you have experienced, they end up broken about two weeks into the new year.

But there's nothing like a fresh new year,like freshly fallen snow undisturbed by any footprints, to consider what's important and resolve to make a new start. Really, if you don't take advantage of a unmarred new year to make some resolutions for change, when can you?

So here they are, in print:

Eat more healthfully(and lose weight in the process).

Go to Curves at least two times per week(I've gone twice since Christmas!).

Add journalling and file my scrapbook pages as I go rather than letting them pile up(this means clearing the back log from 2007!).

And that's it, if I keep my resolutions to a manageable three, I'll be able to stick to them right?

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R said...

only trouble with resolutions and posting them now we can ask how they are going!
Lovely snow , especially from indoors