Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clean Cupboards

Yes, I spent most of the day yesterday and today cleaning the kitchen cupboards and cold room. What a job! But now that its done I can admire the neatness for a day or too right? Oh, but I'll have pictures here to come and look at when I forget what its like to have neat cupboards!

Glasses and pottery goblets arranged neatly in rows.

The plastics actually stacked up with the lids.

The essential travel mugs matched with lids.

I think we have a thing for tea(and the odd cosmopolitan)!

A neatly arranged cold room shelf. Yes, we like soup!

Another neatly arranged cold room shelf. Yes, we really do have a thing for tea,mint to be more specific! And the girls do like their KD!

1 comment:

R said...

aren't cupboards nice when neatly arranged, it is just getting them there.