Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Japanese Dinner

On New Year's Eve while Brianne spent the evening with her friends, Steve, Brittany and I had dinner out at Japanese restaurant I'd heard good things about.

We started with some sushi, and while I stuck with the vegetable sushi, Brittany tried some with crab and Steve enjoyed both the crab and scallop sushi.

Brittany is very open to new tastes and did eat her teriyaki chicken and noodles with chopsticks.

Steve had steak teriyaki and I had chicken teriyaki with tempura. All the dishes were brought to our table steaming and tasted so flavourful.

And of course we did have green tea.

The only let down was dessert. It was deep fried ice cream, coated in tempura batter that seemed a bit soggy to me. Next time I'd pass on dessert and have more sushi!

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