Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Beating The January Blahs

It seems from some of the blogs I've read that its not uncommon to feel the January blahs. And as we've had unseasonably warm weather for the past two days all the snow has melted leaving a soggy brownish-grey mess. I often feel the post holiday season let down although not as much this year as in the past. I think it has been helped by having been to two scrapbooking events since Christmas, installing new carpet and having made some progress on my New Year's resolutions. I've just returned from Curves and since Christmas have finished several layouts completely with journalling. I haven't been eating as healthfully as I would like, there's still too many leftover goodies around but I'll clear those out by taking them to work later this week.

Other things I try to do to get past the blahs is enjoy what the weather has to offer, walks in the crisp air and tubing with the kids. I often will buy a small spring plant to bring some colour into the house and although I haven't seen any out yet, I did browse online through some great spring photos. I also try to take advantage of a slower January to clean out the closets, cupboards, fridge and stove. Don't we all love the feeling of accomplishment when you look at a freshly cleaned closet or fridge?

Of course it also helps that I have a trip south planned for mid February. Maybe I'll go browse through some pics for the resort. Nothing like beach pictures to help forget about the muddy slop outside!

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R said...

busy is right!
Good on Britt to eat sushi