Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week In Review

Hmmm, what have I done this week?

Monday - went to work
Tuesday - went to work, took the girls to soccer
Wednesday - went to work,watched So You Think You Can Dance
Thursday - went to work, went to the last Kinette meeting till the fall and won Club Kinette of the year!
Friday - didn't go to work, took the girls shopping in Buffalo. They spent their own money and got lot of great summer clothes. Brianne's new favourite store? Kohls!!
Saturday - worked at home cleaning, the girls went and saw Nancy Drew which they really liked, Steve bought some shorts and shirts with a gift certificate he was given at work, had a latte from Starbucks, went to Mohawk to see the horse races with John and Dana, didn't win any money!
Sunday - plan to do a bit of gardening, lots of laundry, play POGO, look at scrapbook magazines, clean up my scrap room, take some garden pics and watch Music and Lyrics! Actually this sounds ambitious, we'll see how much I get done!

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

sounds like a busy week to me.
Darn the horses!
Music and lyrics?
did you get all your jobs done?

I am loving SYTYCD, too Lyrical and contemp. I find moving.
All very good dancers.