Sunday, June 17, 2007

Baking Bacon Buns

Well, I did it! I made the Bacon Buns from scratch and they turned out! This was my first try at making bread of any kind from scratch and I think I could get addicted to this making bread from scratch thing! Of course for these buns I needed bacon fat, so this morning Steve had bacon on his egg 'mcmuffin' and for supper tonight we had bacon cheeseburgers. In making the buns Mom mentioned to me to knead until the dough felt silky. Well, according to the recipe directions, the bread hook on my mixer did most of the kneading but I did finish up with some hand kneading and did get a feel for the silky texture. Brianne,my baker, then helped me shape the dough into buns. And they smelled and tasted yummy but despite the bacon fat they don't really taste like bacon.
Update: I tried a bun on its own and it actually does have a definite "baconny" taste. I'd make these again for sure.

The slide show above shows some of the steps in making them!


farmgirl said...

Congratulations! You have beautiful buns! Um, okay that didn't sound quite right. : ) Seriously, if this is your first attempt at baking bread from scratch you did a super duper splendiferous delicious-looking job. This is exactly what we were hoping would happen when we created A Year In Bread--people would read our posts and be inspired to head into the kitchen and bake their own handmade loaves. Thanks for letting us know about your success and for writing about A Year In Bread on your blog. Here's to many years of happy bread baking! : )

Kevin said...

Well done! Did you taste a plain bun? The bacon note is quite distinct with no other flavors distracting from it, but when used in a burger moves to the background.

Rosanne said...

Thanks Farmgirl and Kevin. I did try a plain bun and noted a slight smokey taste!

Rosemary said...

they do look so good
forgot you have the fancy machine
to do the heavy kneading.
still the satifaction of making bread from scratch is one of life's simple pleasures.
Interesting comment for Kevin will check out that blog

BC said...

I just pulled mine out of the oven and they are fantastic too! Great slide show!

Rosanne said...

Thanks BC, are you going to post yours on your blog? I'll check them out!