Sunday, June 17, 2007

The 40 and over Club!

My sister Sherry joins me in the over 40 club later this week and so her husband Willie threw her a surprise birthday party on Saturday. And she was surprised! Her friend Lisa who was in on the planning got her out of the house by suggesting a golf game with their sons. So while she was golfing Willie got everything ready and the guests arrived. Fortunately it was a great day weather wise so while the adults talked and had a few drinks in the sun, the kids swam in the pool, played badminton, shot hoops and rode bikes. Sherry's childhood best friend Marie's son Eric(follow that?), had great fun walking in the back ravine and picking wild flowers for all the ladies and some men too! Lisa brought yummy jello shooters! I only had a couple though! Mom brought her trademark potato salad and Sherry's favourite cake from Spicers(a bake shop in Aylmer). Actually, Sherry prefers the icing over the cake! Willie bbq'd up some burgers and hot dogs that went great with the potato salad. Then once it got dark and after a few technical difficulties, Willie showed, on big screen he rigged up outside,a brief slide show of pics of Sherry through the years . The slide show was really fun with lots of great pictures and was set to the tune of Sherry Baby and Celebration. It was a fun day!

I've posted more pics from the day in the slide show below.

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