Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pork Fat

I think it is Emeril who praises the virtues of pork fat in all of his cooking. And really, who doesn't like eggs fried in bacon grease?!

I recently found another blog, A Year in Bread, and todays entry is Bacon Buns using, you guessed it, bacon fat! And for some reason that appeals to me. They just have to taste good, don't they?

I have never made bread except in a bread machine. I know my Mom has made bread the traditional way and I think she commented that the process of kneading, letting the bread rise then punching it down is therapeutic. (Must be the punching part that is the most therapeutic.)

So here's a goal for this weekend, I am going to make the Bacon Buns! Yes, you heard it here first, I'm really going to! And I'll post the results. Stay tuned.


Rosemary said...

I am so going to check out that blog
Good luck on the bread
one tip knead until the bread feels silky to touch you will understand what I mean when you get there.
Usually takes about 10 minutes
Hope to see pics

Rosanne said...

Thanks, I'll take pics along the way and let you know how they turn out!