Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today's Challenge

Was actually two.

The first was to find answers to various questions based on the Go Scrapping Site.

Then we had to post a favourite pic. As I was working from home this afternoon, I was able to use my lunch to complete this challenge and was third to complete it.

Then tonight I just happened to check and another challenge was posted. We're down to seven now and I was fourth to submit. It was to journal about our favourite pic with a minimum of 200 words! Journalling is not my favourite thing but it got easier as I wrote.

Here's the pic and journalling:

This picture of Brianne and Brittany was taken at the Rockton Worlds Fair in October 2006. It is one of my favourite pictures because it is a great shot of both girls! And it was taken at one of our favourite activities, a fall fair. Who can resist the ferris wheel( on which this pic was taken), fun houses, demolition derby, agricultural displays, games and all the yummy food( think elephant ears and candy apples!)! This was our first trip to the Rockton Fair and it happened to be on a beautiful sunny day when the leaves were changing to colours of red, orange, gold and yellow! They looked awesome against the clear blue sky.
When I look at them in this picture its hard to believe how quickly 15 years have passed since Brianne was born! And the last 11 have flew by even more quickly since Brittany arrived! They both are maturing into beautiful, confident young women.
Over the years we usually have gone to at least one fall fair a year. The Paris fair is a favourite as is the Simcoe Fair and the Western fair. You might say it is a fall tradition for our family. I wonder if it will become a fall tradition when the girls have their own families? I sure hope so!

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