Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Race is Over

and I didn't win!

Here is the last race layout I did.

It was to base a layout on the following sketch:

The left 4x6 photo had to be a picture taken at the START (or a before shot) of something.. the right 4x6 photo had to be the END (or the after shot) of your layout topic..... The 3x2 photos in this layout had to phtos taken to show a sequential order(the process between the start and finish photos.....)

So, I had to take pictures and get them developed before I could finish. And so I was last on this challenge and it wasn't a non-elimination round!

I was 5th last out (started with 20) so I did hang in for awhile! The race ended two days after I went out with two challenges being posted on the same day! If I hadn't been out already, I would have been on that day! But the race was a lot of fun, I was challenged to do layouts that I wouldn't normally and the ladies produced excellent pages. I learned and got new ideas from everyone!


Rosemary said...

Too bad so hoping you were going for the top 3

Canadian Girl said...

Very cool layout!! love that idea!! :D