Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Go Scrapping's Amazing Race

I decided to participate in a scrapping'Amazing Race'! There are 20 of us in it and it started today with a challenge to create a layout showing 'why I scrapbook'. I was the 9th submission which isn't too bad considering the challenge came out at noon, I worked until 5, had dinner, watched a bit of news, went to Curves then made my layout. Of course once the layout was done I had to kick my husband off the computer so I could post my layout, its a race after all! So far there are 11 entries in. Once all are in the last person to submit is out of the race and the next 'leg' or challenge will begin. We may even face detours! I think the race may go on for about a month with the prize being a guest designer for Go Scrapping for a month! That would be cool! Anyway, I'll post my 'leg results' here as I run the race!

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

this sounds like fun
please keep us informed as to how you do
Good Luck!