Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Storm Watch

Well tonight the girls were scheduled to play soccer. But as predicted we were hit with thunderstorms around the dinner hour and although they do play in the rain, they do not play if there is lightning.
It was raining when it was time to leave but no lightning and there was no call from either coach so we decided to go see if they would be playing.

As we were heading up the expressway into Waterloo just before the Bridgeport exit we drove in to a storm like I don't think I ever driven in before. It was practically dark and the rain was coming down sideways in sheets! Yes sheets of rain! Not drops, sheets!! Then the lightning started. Not just a strike here and there but continual lightning that lit up the whole sky! And yes I was looking for funnel clouds it was that intense. We decided that there would be no soccer tonight! We got off the expressway at King St and I decided to take the city streets home. The streets were covered with up to 4-6 inches of water in some spots. Stoplights were out randomly. And there were lots of tree branches down too! And when we got home there was a message from Brianne's coach, soccer was cancelled!


Rosemary said...

should have stayed home !
some lightning and thunder and a little rain but not as bad as you had our way

Holly said...

It was crazy! As I left my house for a massage (6:45pm), the sky opened up and it poured. When I got off the expressway over by Frederick, things were GREEN!!! I called Brian at home and he was already in the basement!