Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Movie Reviews!

Well, now that the race is over I have had time to watch some movies.......

Recently I've watched:

I took Brittany and 3 friends to Shrek The Third as part of her birthday celebration.
It was very cute, maybe not as good as the first two, but the 12 year olds sure liked it! One thumb up!

I've always had a thing for the royal family and so I loved this movie! Helen Mirren was awesome as the Queen. Two thumbs up!

Yep, Jennifer Hudson was way better than Beyonce in this movie! She had a far meatier role and she can sing! I loved this movie too! Two thumbs up!

I watched this one with my girls and I'm a sucker for movies about friends. It stays true to the book which is nice and may make you grab a kleenex! One thumb up!

Steve and the girls watched this one and said I should watch it. I did and I liked it, it was very cute! One thumb up!

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Rosemary said...

Liked the reviews.
Have to watch Dreamgirls yet. Will look for Charlottes Web.