Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Things I've done

1/Smoked a cigarette. Yep, it tasted terrible.
2/Drank so much you threw up. Yep, that tasted terrible too!
3/Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back. Yep
4/Gone on a blind date. Yep
5/Skipped school. Yep, with the whole french class!
6/Seen someone die. No!
7/Been to Canada. Yep a few times!
8/Been to Florida. Yep a few times!
9/Been to Mexico. Yep a few times!
10/Been on a plane. Yep a few times!
11/Been on the opposite side of the country. (east and west coasts) Yes(got tired of yep!)
12/Gone to Washington. No but I want to.
13/Swam in the ocean. Yep a few times!
14/Felt like dying. Yes, when I had pneumonia
15/Cried yourself to sleep.Yep a few times!
16/Played cops and robbers. Yes.
17/Recently colored with crayons. Yes
18/Sang karaoke. Yes and then I was begged to stop!
19/Paid for a meal with only coins. Oh yea!
20/Done something you told yourself you wouldn't. Yep a few times!
21/Made prank phone calls. Who me?
22/Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose. Who me?
23/Caught a snowflake on your tongue. Yes
24/Danced in the rain. Yes
25/Written a letter to Santa Claus. Yes
26/Been kissed under the mistletoe. Yep a few times!
27/Watched the sun rise with someone you care about.Yep a few times!
28/Blown bubbles. Yep a few times!
29/Made a bonfire on the beach. Yes
30/Crashed a party. No
31/Gone roller-skating. Yep a few times!
32/Gone Ice-skating. Yep a few times!(not that living in Canada has anything to do with that!)

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Rosemary said...

The things one learns about your daughter LOL