Friday, April 13, 2007

Stars on Ice

Kathryn and I went to Stars on Ice this past Tuesday and had seats on the floor. Talk about an excellent view!

The Stars on Ice cast is made up of lots of Canadian Skating Stars including my favourite Kurt Browning who skated an awesome routine to If I Only Had a Brain from the Wizard of Oz. Patrice Lauzon and Marie France Dubreuil also skated beautifully to several songs and of course Jamie Sale and David Pelletier did not disappoint. And neither did Brian Orser who in this, his farewell tour, skated to Neil Diamond.

And there were a couple of surprise skaters, 2007 World Pairs Champions Xue Shen Hongbo Zhao of China and 2007 World Ladies Champion Miki Ando of Japan. They skated with speed and strength.

Surprisingly the Aud was not sold out. Has there been a decline in interst in skating? There sure aren't the number of professional competitions that there used to be.

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Rosemary said...

yes there is a decline in attendance I would love to go again some time tho.