Sunday, April 29, 2007

Busy Weekend!

Another busy weekend! What did I do when I only had two day weekends instead of three!

Anyway, scrapbooked all day Saturday in Stratford with Joan. Got a few layouts done that I will post later this week! This crop was organized through Go Scrapping and as usual was excellent. Took a few pics that are attached below.

Then me and my family had our own clean sweep episode today and cleaned out a lot of stuff from the basement! It will be sold at next week's Heidelberg town garage sale! We have friends who live there and said that like last year we can bring some of our stuff up to sell. Whatever doesn't sell is then going straight to Goodwill! We even got everything priced today too! And I've thought of a couple of more things to clean out before next weekend! And you know, I should have taken pictures while we were in the middle of the clean out but didn't think about that till just now. I'll get some pics of next weekend's garage sale though!

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

You are the scrapping Queen.
So what goodies are you cleaning out? sounds better to go to one then hold one by oneself.
I so need to have a yard sale but when the heck do I have the time?
The gardens alone keep me busy.
Then there is Pogo.
Oh yes work too.