Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Scrapbooking Room

In the basement I have a little area that I have always called my craft room. Quite often it ends up being a dumping ground for all kinds of stuff or my scrapbooking stuff gets strewn all over it.

With our basement upgrades, I've decided to redo my little room and call it my Scrapbooking room. So I'm on a mission to get my supplies better organized and decorate it so its more inspiring.

I had decided on birds egg blue for three walls with one wall painted a chocolate brown. I was shopping for fabric with my Grandmother on Friday and found these blue and brown fabrics. I think they'll make a pretty window valance and are a great match to my paint choices.

I'll be sure to post future updates of my progress in creating my Scrapbooking room.


Rosemary said...

love your fabric and colour choices.

Hendria said...

the Colors are Great...I look forward to seeing the finished room... :)