Sunday, June 01, 2008

Online Community

One of the things I've enjoyed about blogging and the message boards I visit is the sense of community(a truly global one) and the feedback received from my online friends.

I've recently received a few RAKs from my online friends that I want to share with you all:

From Anesha:

I'm sure I'll find some great uses for these stickers and stamped images!

From Laura at My Little Orange Kitchen:

I can't wait to try the tea and chocolate and plant the poppies!

And finally from Alison(of New Zealand) at Born to Read and Knit:

What a lovely knitted pouch and look what it was filled with:

I can't wait to start on the little stitching kit!

Thanks so much to all my online friends, whether you comment or simply lurk, I appreciate you stopping by!


R said...

nice surprises for you

R said...

nice surprises for you

Anesha said...

Glad to see it arrived safely.