Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shoe Inventory

While we were at the races this past weekend, one of the men who I shall call Juan to protect his privacy, raised the interesting tidbit that the average number of shoes a woman has is 24! So my friend Diva,(name changed to protect her privacy and she's really not a Diva), and I disputed what was really considered a shoe and decided we'd take a shoe inventory.

Here's Diva's inventory exactly as she worded it:

Total - 40 pairs:
Breakdown as follows:

29 pairs - shoes (I really don't think 6 pairs of flip flops should count)
4 pairs - winter boots ( I do not think these should be included in the count as these are a requirement for living in Canada)
4 pairs - camping shoes (I do not think these should be included in the count as I am "recycling" and only using old shoes for camping that would otherwise be thrown out)
1 pair - golf (these should not be included in the total as this is for "safety issues" that I wear these shoes otherwise I could use a pair from the "29 pair section").
1 pair - grass cutting shoes ( I do not think these should be included in the count as I am recycling and using an old pair of running shoes to cut the grass which would otherwise be thrown in the garbage and I should get a bonus for actually cutting the grass)
1 pair - cross country shoes (I do not think these should be included in the count as I need these to ski so it is part of the "equipment" and not technically a shoe)

note: after counting up the 43 pairs of shoes I actually got rid of 3 pairs which brought me down to only 40 pairs.

And here's my inventory exactly as I worded it:

1 pair running shoes for yard work, doesn't add to shoe count as this makes other shoes last longer
1 pair running shoes for Curves, doesn't add to count as it is a requirement to have indoor only shoes and Curves is to benefit my health
2 pairs sketchers, one black, one brown
2 pairs boots, doesn't add to count as I agree, these are a weather requirement for Canada
1 pair crocs
25 other pairs of shoes
1 pair water shoes, doesn't add to count as these are for safety reasons
3 pairs slippers, one Christmas themed, doesn't add to count as slippers are really not considered shoes
5 pairs flip flops, which I agree should not be counted(and I had two pairs I gave to Brianne because they were too big for me), with one pair specifically to wear from freshly done pedicures

So the official countable shoe total is 28.

Juan and my husband Steve have not yet disputed our count but if they do I'll be sure to post their opinions(just for fun).

In the meantime, how many pairs of countable shoes do you have?


Joan said...

And sandals should only count as 1/2 shoes, since there is less material -- Joan

Holly said...

lmao - that was a funny post rosanne!!!

I'm pleading the 5th.
Actually, I don't have a lot of shoes, I'd love to, but I don't. :(

R said...

10 pair for me , I agree gardening shoes can't count nor slippers.

Cassie said...

I don't want to go count. I'm sure I would be horrified at the number. Although I'm pretty sure 28 would be the number of flip-flops that I own. And I can't even save myself by claiming a pair of grass-cutting shoes. :(