Monday, June 16, 2008

Dinner With My Cousin

We drove to Orangeville on Saturday to have dinner with my cousin Chris and his wife Carolyn.(Aren't they a cute couple?)We had a nice visit and dinner at a local restaurant called One99.

Some of the dinner highlights included:

asparagus soup

french onion soup






Everything was plated beautifully.

And for dessert:

creme brulee

and creme brulee cheesecake



R said...

Chris and Carolyn do make a lovely couple and the dinner looks so good. Love the creme brulee cheesecake,have to find a recipe.

Amanda said...

Good to see I am not the only one who takes pics of food. Sometimes my friends and family make fun about's got to be a scrapbooker thing??!
Looks yummy!!!

Anonymous said... some of us ever need that creme brulee recipe. OOPS, I forgot my new less, move more! Well, there'll be a whole lot of moving then!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for comiong up on the weekend Rosanne. Carolyn and I had a great time with you and Steve and look forward to doing it again soon someplace else. I'll have to bring my camera so I can take pictures of you taking pictures of the food! :p
Take care, Chris & Carolyn (the lovely couple....)