Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ross Petty's Peter Pan

Today we braved the snowstorm warnings to travel into Toronto to see Ross Petty's Peter Pan starring Kurt Browning in his theatre debut.

Every year Steve's company celebration for the kids is a matinee presentation of Ross Petty's pantomime. We've gone to about 7 or 8 of these now and they are so much fun. We just couldn't miss this year's or Kurt's theatre debut.

So Steve shovelled out the driveway, we received about 8 inches of snow, and once off of our street the roads were actually not too bad but we did see one accident in the opposite direction and a couple of cars in the ditch(drivers, slow down!).

We arrived in lots of time to see the play at the Historic Elgin Theatre.

I love how beautifully these theatres have been restored and all the gilt work.

As in prior year's 'fractured' fairy tales Ross Petty plays the villian and the audience must boo and hiss him when he's on stage. This year he was Captain Hook while Kurt Browning was Peter Pan. And true to form, Ross played Captain Hook with flair and a few references to Jack Sparrow were thrown in for good measure! Kurt did wonderfully as an 'aging' Peter Pan(yes reference was made to his hairline and a comparison made to Scott Hamilton)who of course beats Captain Hook at his own game. The story was updated with current jokes and references made throughout to Steve's company. I found this great play review here.


R said...

sounds like a great show so love Kurt
You did get lots of snow

Karen said...

Sounds like GREAT fun!!!!