Thursday, December 27, 2007

It Wouldn't be Christmas

without the food.

Here's slide show showing some of the foods and goodies we enjoyed on Christmas Day. I didn't get pics of some before we had already dug in.

Annual favourites include the crepes frangipane, pecan pie, along with trays of various goodies. And you can't forget the turkey, stuffing and potatoes.

New this year was a raspberry cocktail made up of champagne(or sparkling wine), raspberry puree, raspberry liquour and a couple of fresh raspberries. They went down very easily!


R said...

Loved the raspberry cocktails , that is a keeper.
You mean the pecan pie showed up again it did not get lost!
Was it good?
We certainly like our food.

Rosanne said...

yep, the pie was found and it was good!

SHerry said...

Was a great CHristmas celebration - well done Annie - will be a hard act to follow - have the Christmas Crackers already - so I have already begun the plans!!
Thanks Annie!
PS: On second thought - Willie says, how 'bout Christmas in Vegas??????