Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Me Me

I was tagged by my Mom who was tagged by Canadianbakertoo to describe myself using the letters of my name.

Here it goes:

R* Reading, I love to read and I visit the library often(although i do get a lot of books from my Mom and my friends). My favourite books to read are mysteries, romance and biographies.
O* Optimist, I usually look at the positive side of things and do view the glass as half full.
S* Scrapbooking, while I've tried other hobbies this is the one that I love. I have been scrapbooking for 10 years and its what got me started on my blog!
A* Ambitious, I often tend to be overly ambitious planning to do way more than I can ever hope to accomplish! But it is fun trying!
N* New recipes, I love to try out new recipes and browse cookbooks. Although the cookbooks have almost been replaced by food and recipe blogs!
N* Nickname, my nickname while I grew up was Annie. In fact my sister still calls me Annie, her sons call me Aunt Annie and my friend since childhood, Lori, still calls me Annie!
E* Explore, I love to explore new countries, cities, towns, villages and stores. Recently, I had a great time exploring BC with my family!


Rosemary said...

love your MEME
isn't that the truth about travel

Hendria said...

Nice job on the meme. You and your mom have great blogs. I have enjoyed them. :)