Monday, September 10, 2007

Kelowna and Area

While we were in BC we spent a few days in Kelowna and toured several wineries and some are included in the slide show below.

While all the wineries have beautiful views, the one that has the most beautiful view is Mission Hill. Its view of the Lake Okanagan is unsurpassed! They also have a lovely outdoor restaurant and stage area. But each winery is unique. At Cedar Creek they have a outdoor pergola(the top looks like a wine barrel) and lawn area used for weddings At Arrowleaf and Summerhill they have some interesting statues/carvings. At Red Rooster is a unique display of art. At Burrowing Owl are expansive winery views. NK'MIP(pronounced Inkameep)is a native owned winery. La Frenz provided wine for a recent royal visit. Poplar Grove has a 'monster' series of wines with glow in the dark monsters on their bottles. St.Hubertus was burned in the fires of 2003.

In addition to wineries are fruit orchards.

The legend of Ogopogo.


Winding highways.

Awesome views.

And Rainbows.


Rosemary said...

these pictures are spectacular
Mission Hill looks so beautiful

Rosemary said...

I have been tagged by Hendrika , Canadian baker too , to participate in a MeMe. I am tagging you.