Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cupcakes, Candy Apples and Gelato!

These are three of our family's favourite things!

Yesterday my friend Kathryn and I visited The Cakebox. It is a speciality and wedding cake store that has recently opened up a retail location. The cakes designs are awesome, do check out the link to see the variety. And they had a selection of cupcakes that I couldn't resist. Pictured are Double Chocolate, Chocolate Reanut Butter,Rocky Road, Caramel and Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Oreos n' Cream! And they tasted as good as they look!

While we were in BC we found that there was a plethora of Gelato stores. And like this picture, the gelato was scooped artistically into the display counter containers and decorated according to its flavour! There were tons of flavours including chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, rootbeer, creme brulee,rocky road, chocolate hazelnut to name a few! And the best part about gelato is that while the flavour is amazing it has 10 to 20% less fat than ice cream! Hopefully I'll find a gelato store here at home soon!

Also while we travelling in BC we came across some Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Stores.While Brittany loved the fudge, we found out that Brianne is a candy or caramel apple fiend! She is devouring one covered in smarties in the slide show below!

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Rosemary said...

Oh my I am now starving (right)
for those cupcakes and gelato.
could it be the special cake is for weeks away?