Monday, September 03, 2007

Butchart Gardens

I think I'll talk about our recent BC vacation in reverse.

We finished our vacation in Victoria and on Saturday visited the BC Museum and Butchart Gardens. At the museum, we saw the Titanic Relic display which Brittany very much enjoyed(the movie Titanic is one of her favourites)as well as displays on the history and geography of BC.

We then went to Butchart Gardens which was gorgeous! We spent the afternoon touring the gardens, had afternoon tea in the dining room and a picnic on the lawn while we waited for the fireworks to begin.

I've created a slideshow highlighting a few of the almost 200 pictures we took of the garden alone. But it is so impressive that the pictures really do not do it justice. The planting in mass, the mixture of flowers, the placing of flowers, plants and trees so that all the shapes blend just so is breathtaking.

As a special treat, we had afternoon tea in the dining room. It was served in the traditional style, with scones and cream, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches as well as smoked salmon, curried chicken, and egg salad sandwiches.

Then, of course, there were tiny cakes, cookies, tarts and truffles to enjoy. I sampled their own teaberry tea, a blend of strawberry, raspberry and black current which was lovely.

We then finished off the day with the evening fireworks display set to music. It was so good, we all wanted more.

It was a lovely way to finish off our vacation!

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Rosemary said...

Your tea looks yummy.