Monday, August 06, 2007

New Chimes

Lucky me, I've received an early birthday gift.

Back in June when I was shopping with my Mom, Grandma and sister, we came across some chimes in Elmira called the Bells of Vienna. Sherry received a set for her birthday. Now normally I'm not a big chimes fan, but these are tuned to musical scales and the largest sounds like church bells. I thought about it awhile and decided I would like a set as well. So my Mom said she would get them for me for my birthday and our anniversary. I checked them in Elmira again and they didn't have the scale or colour I wanted plus they were pretty pricy. Mom had found them online at Buy Chimes and so I ordered them online. Even with the US exchange, it was still much cheaper and I got the scale(tuned to E)and colour I preferred. My order came within 10 days! I don't think the picture does them justice, you must listen.

Click this link to hear what they sound like!

Thanks Mom for the lovely gift.

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