Sunday, August 05, 2007


Just got back from seeing is sooo good! You were right Grandma!

The look on Brittany's face when her beloved 'Danny' turned up as a heavyset woman was priceless! Both the girls enjoyed Zac Efron too!

Anyway the dancing, singing, costumes and set were great! And there was a good message to it as well, dealing with segregation that existed in the early 60's and was starting to breakdown. It was big news then to have blacks and whites dancing together!

I've seen Adam Shankman, the choreographer, on So You Think You Can Dance and I definitely am impressed with the work he's done on Hairspray.

Here's a link to an excellent review by Roger Ebert.

I would highly recommend this movie to everyone, its fun and entertaining and despite a serious undertone keeps you smiling throughout!

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forestsister said...

right on! i've been wanting to see this too... thx for posting on my blog :) i would love to send you a happy-scrappy "pay it forward" in the post. would you please send me your mailing address? email me at cheers!!! x