Sunday, August 05, 2007

Back To School Shopping

Well its just the beginning of August and we've completed almost all of the girls back to school shopping! That's because we'll be on vacation later this month and I don't want to be doing it then! When I told Brianne we should do the shopping this past Friday, she said, "at Kohls?". Yep, she's my daughter! So early Friday morning we headed south to Buffalo. After getting stuck in bridge traffic last year(try 3 hours!), I subsequently found a phone number to call that advises on bridge crossing wait times. On Friday morning at 8 am, the crossing time at Lewiston was already 1 to 2 hours! So we drove on to Fort Erie and crossed into Buffalo on the Peace Bridge. And it was one of the simplest crossings ever! I was asked where were we going, I answered Boulevard Mall and that was it!

So first we hit Kohls and spent three hours there. We actually got most of the shopping done there but had to go to Target and JC Penney too! But to keep our strength up we took a break at Applebys for lunch!

Then we got a few things at Target and went on to JC Penney. There they had a buy one get the second for $1 sale on what seemed like everything in the store!! Why don't we have sales like that here! So we finished up the rest of the shopping there. And I think the JC Penney at Boulevard Mall may be nicer than the one at the Galleria.

We went back into Canada on the Peace Bridge, no wait again and had another simple crossing. I was asked three questions one of which was, "did you find some good bargains?". So we paid no additional tax and the girls came home with shoes, jeans, tops and more. They are definitely set for the new school year!

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Rosemary said...

Wow smart move on checking on the times of bridges.
Heard the lineups at some were 3 hours long.
Making me itchy to get cross border shopping.
I agree with the sales in the US are so much better than ours and stores here wonder why we go over!